Monday, June 2, 2008

FIbery Goodness

I really need to stay away from Ravelry. At least the Spinner Central forum. All the enabling is killing my wallet, but boy is it fun. Here are a some of my newest fiber purchases. The other six I ordered are in transit and will be posted upon arrival.
This first batt, Fantasy Forest, is from Copperpot on Etsy.
I absolutely love the colors and it is a dream to spin up.
I am doing my best to spin it as fine and even as possible. I am hoping to get fingering weight when plied. I am using the 10/1 ratio. I really would love to get a fast flyer so I can spin true lace weight.
Also from Copperpot, this is Denim and Diamonds. It is 4oz of a 80 merino 10 colonial 5 tussah silk 5 mohair blend with an extra side of glitz.
Online I found some more of the merino/soysilk blend that I bought from Lampspun at Estes last year (the 2nd pic below). Turns out it is called Karaoke Soysilk and it is by SWTC. I decided to buy some more online and also got this colorway, Playful, 4oz.
The original I spun previously is the Rainbow colorway. I purchased an additional 4 oz. I hope to spin this in a fingering wt. 3ply for socks and to use the stuff I already spun up for the toes and heels. We will see.
This is a lovely merino I purchased up at Serendipty in April. The color is midnight and it is so soft and luxurious to work with.
Spun up the colors are quite subtle and striking.
I am also striving to keep this one fine and even using the 10/1 ratio. It is a lot easier to work with than some other fibers I have tried. I really am enjoying it.

So as I mentioned I have a few more items on the way, oh and I joined Spunky Electic's fiber club. Only $16 +shipping to get a monthly dose of fiber goodness. I need to restrain myself a bit since Estes is coming up in a couple of weeks. I just may buy a fleece when I am there and then I should perhaps just maybe be content with my fiber stash. Maybe.

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Purple Princess said...

Very pretty! You will have lots of fun with all your new fiber.