Friday, December 7, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Things have been so busy lately. I have not knit in over a week and am going through some serious withdrawals. This week I found a part time job. I will be working for a lady who lives here in Broomfield and sells jewelry. I will be helping her make the jewelry and doing sales as well. She does several trade shows, including the Creative Festival so that should keep me quite busy. I am pretty excited to have this new venture. I was getting a bit bored now that Anthony is in school. The hours are very flexible and I can even do some work from home, so it should be a good thing all around.
Here is the picture I gave Anthony for our Anniversary, just thought I would include it so this post was not picture less.
So, for the next few days I plan to be a busy little bee. I have movers coming today to the old house to move the remaining furniture to the new house. I decided not to leave stuff for staging after all. We didn't have that much stuff to leave anyway, and I miss those items. Then this evening we have to rush to get ready for Anthony's client's holiday party. It is at Buca De Peppo, which means I need a strategy. Every year they serve so much food and I am full by the time the entrees roll around. So this year I am going to concentrate my efforts on salad and desserts. And wine.
I am crossing my fingers that the knitting gods will shine upon me this weekend and I will have time to go to knit knack to meet up with the girls and get some knitting in. I will not be able to attend yet again this Tues, since I will be working, so I am anxious for some good adult conversation as well.
Monday the kitty is getting de-clawed. I have held out for as long as I could, clipping his claws and the like, but he is tearing up our new home and dh has put his foot down. Aww poor kitty. Coit is also coming that day to clean our grubby couch. I didn't realize how dirty it was until we moved out of the cave and into a house with light.
Besides working on Tues. the rest of my week will be spent preparing for Santa Lucia which we are hosting at our house this Thurs. I have no idea how many people will come but I am preparing for a large crowd. Luckily my MIL and Anthony's Aunts will be helping with the food. It is funny that this Italian's family's tradition is to eat tamales on this holiday. Now I can cook some mean Italian food but when it comes to the cuisine of my heritage I must admit I am a bit lost. Wish me luck.
After all this preparation, the rest of the house should be unpacked and ready for more pictures. My craft room is coming along nicely and I can't wait to share! Until then...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Our Anniversary

Sunday was our anniversary. A year goes so fast, and yet I am glad we have made it past the first year. Everyone says it is hard no matter how long you have been together. And while it was a bumpy road at times we have weathered the storms and are eager to begin our second year of marriage. Sat. night was our Holiday party and afterwards we went to the Westin where we had spent our wedding night. We arrived right at midnight and were greeted by champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. It was quite romantic.
Anthony bought me several books, some knitting and spinning, some to help our marriage and a lovely desk calender which features different purse everyday. He knows me so well. I drew him a picture in prismacolors taken from a photo he took of me in Santa Fe early on in our relationship. (it was the year for paper after all.)
Sunday morning we had breakfast in bed at the hotel and spent the rest of the morning snuggling and the like. :) It was a wonderful anniversary and I look forward to many more.