Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Congrats Liz and Eddie (and shoes)

Isn't little Eleanor the sweetest baby ever. She is so beautiful and I must say models the hand knits well. Congrats on your new arrival.

Heaven forbid one were to think that my shoe fetish has subsided. Here are a few of my recent purchases modeled by my lovely daughter. These are the most comfortable Steve Madden flats, it's like wearing slippers.


These are just some cheapo heels I bought to match a dress at Forever 21, not the most comfortable but cute non the less.


These are really cute, somehow I have yet to wear them.


I lusted after these for a long time, but when I went to purchase them they were gone. Not to be discouraged I found them online. They are the most beautiful deep purple, my new color obsession.


And I finally found a pair of Uggs that I don't find ugly. They are sooo warm and made w/ real sheep skin, so comfy.


Lastly are my awesome slippers that match some pjs I recently bought at Macy's. When I wear them together it is like having footsie pajamas. They are sooo soft, warm and cozy.


I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with scrumptious food, family and friends.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Flashing my stash

Okay since I went through all this work for a thread on Ravelry I thought I'd post this here too. You can definitely see the difference between now and two years ago (please ignore the messiness) I have indeed added a bit to my fiber stash!

Sorry for the picture heavy post but you will see I would have a hard time consolidating.Okay I’m going to flash my stash. I’m sure that there is more I am missing somewhere and I do have three fleeces off for processing.This is where I keep my spinning WIPs, the knitting WIPs live in zipped up bags the puppy can’t access (for now…she’s pretty smart).
This is roving and yarn I plan on dyeing Monday. Kitty likes to jump into pictures whenever possible.
Some of my yarn sorted by color. The bins are also full of yarn.
The rest of the majority of my yarn.
Where I keep my favorite yarns (in the basket) and my recent handspun hang from the hooks. As you can see I love red.
My Juliespins and Spunky Eclectic rovings.
The top shelf in my closet is all my processed fleece purchases from Estes and other shows.
The middle shelf is all mostly batts I made or purchased .
The bottom is where I keep my single skeins in the top drawer, remnants in the bottom drawer and fiber in the bins on the left.
Up close of bins. One has more roving braids, one is natural fibers and the other mish mash fibers.
Sock yarn used to live here.
Until I dragged it out to take a picture of it all, now it won’t fit back. I’ll be buying a new basket tomorrow.
Lastly my knitting books.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lily's sweater

I know I promised some shoe pictures, but I'm behind on taking pictures of my new acquisitions so for now this will have to satisfy my readers who share my addiction. Aren't these the loveliest little sheep slippers? I bought them at Bath and Body works, they also have a matching sleep mask and a robe out of the same fabric that might make it on my list for Santa. Lily likes to chew on the sheep's ears so maybe even a back up pair is in order. Today I spent the day snuggled in by the fire, appreciating the snow outside the window from my cozy seat while knitting Lily a sweater. She gets a chill when she rides with me in the car and it isn't warm yet so this should give her a little extra protection from the elements.

I picked up some Vanna's choice at Joanne's the other day and I am pleasantly surprised at how nice a hand it has. It isn't squeaky acrylic like Red Heart but rather comparable to Plymouth Encore however much less expensive. I think I may use it in the future for kids, dogs, charity or any other washable required items.
She wears it well, the only problem is getting her to sit still while I take a picture. I think the cat that was just below on the stairs was a bit of a distraction.

This week I'll see to getting around to taking some pics, my new Uggs are awesome! And I have some nice spinning to share!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Meet Lily

Isn’t she a doll. We adopted her yesterday, she is a collie/terrier mix and just the sweetest little girl ever. It has been many, many years since I had a puppy and oh boy the joys of housebreaking are infinite. We are crate training her which seems to be working well minus a few accidents. Little A is just thrilled beyond words as she is his puppy. The cats however are not so thrilled, although she has been spending much time in her crate the kitties are seeking refuge in our bedroom.

In other knitting news, I have been busy finishing some projects. This is another Shetland Triangle shawl I knit using my handspun llama/silk. I am pleased with the end results.
And this is the set I made for my friends Liz who is due today. It is the five hr. baby sweater and matching hat and booties. I had never knit booties before and oh my they are just the cutest little things, I want to knit a dozen.

Up next, recent purchase and SHOES (well boots and slippers)