Thursday, November 19, 2009

Flashing my stash

Okay since I went through all this work for a thread on Ravelry I thought I'd post this here too. You can definitely see the difference between now and two years ago (please ignore the messiness) I have indeed added a bit to my fiber stash!

Sorry for the picture heavy post but you will see I would have a hard time consolidating.Okay I’m going to flash my stash. I’m sure that there is more I am missing somewhere and I do have three fleeces off for processing.This is where I keep my spinning WIPs, the knitting WIPs live in zipped up bags the puppy can’t access (for now…she’s pretty smart).
This is roving and yarn I plan on dyeing Monday. Kitty likes to jump into pictures whenever possible.
Some of my yarn sorted by color. The bins are also full of yarn.
The rest of the majority of my yarn.
Where I keep my favorite yarns (in the basket) and my recent handspun hang from the hooks. As you can see I love red.
My Juliespins and Spunky Eclectic rovings.
The top shelf in my closet is all my processed fleece purchases from Estes and other shows.
The middle shelf is all mostly batts I made or purchased .
The bottom is where I keep my single skeins in the top drawer, remnants in the bottom drawer and fiber in the bins on the left.
Up close of bins. One has more roving braids, one is natural fibers and the other mish mash fibers.
Sock yarn used to live here.
Until I dragged it out to take a picture of it all, now it won’t fit back. I’ll be buying a new basket tomorrow.
Lastly my knitting books.


cheryl said...

Wow!!!! I thought I had bins running over with yarn......That's enough to keep you busy for quite awhile.....

KariBeri said...

Its like your own personal yarn shop in your own home!