Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas To All

Although I've been scarce I thought I would pop in here to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I hope everyone is enjoying time with friends and family and cherishing the spirit of the season. I should be posting some awesome FOs soon! Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I am not a cabochon.

Today was our 2nd anniversary. As many of you know we have been together far longer than these two years. As he is so good at doing, I was quite indulged this year. After working I had a mani and pedi, an hour and half massage and then got dressed and ready to go to dinner at The Black Cat in Boulder. Dinner was amazing, the lamb pancetta, a petite morsure was everything that lamb should be,truly the highlight of the meal. He bought me gorgeous gold earrings I have been eyeing forever as well as sexy lingerie and the romance package is awaiting us Friday night at the Westin. But the best gift he gave me were these words "You are not a cabochon". These words ring so true and came as I voiced my unease as we slid into the Bside lounge to elude the chill of Pearl street on the way to our car in the midst of bass and drum night. I was frocked in a pretty silk skirt with proper heels, my familiar LV purse and demure Burberry trench. How could I feel so out of place here when I can feel contented at a goth night dressed in red vinyl and fishnets? Because my dear, you are a gem, he tells me. You are not a cabochon. You have many facets that make you shine.
Indeed some nights I am the goth party girl, having the time of my life with the hordes of people I know in that world, but that is merely one facet. I am also the friend that would give you everything to make you happy. I bare my soul to those I love, not hiding flaws but accepting that we are all gems that are beautiful though some times we have inclusions.
I am the mother who gives all that I have to my children, my time, my love, my honesty and my humility. Each day not only do I try to be a better parent but I keep my eyes open, learning from them how to be a better person. I am many things that only my dear husband sees. I am strong, and at times I am feeble. I am impatient and impulsive, emotional and passionate. I am not perfect, I am aspiring. These words comforted like a warm blanket in a time of self doubt. So thank you dear husband for the best gift. And every day I can live knowing that I am not a cabochon and my husband loves my facets.