Saturday, October 22, 2011


This is why I over pack. 1st about a week before take off I start thinking about what to bring. I investigate the weather. I weigh every option of things we might do...mountain climbing, skiing, surf boarding??? ( no I'm not that healed). Then I start obsessing. What outfits to bring, how many shoes, 10 is good, do I just put on some good classic jewelry like a diamond pendant and solitair earings and wear them everyday... or do I bring the fun trendy cosutme stuff that looks killer if I want to really look stylish. I agonize for a few days. And then today, even though I have vowed not to pack til tomorrow, I start making the list. And this my friends is where I discover the reason I over pack. I do not believe in wearing the same outfit more than once on the entire trip, except pjs and swimsuits and since I can do laundry work out wear. Sigh. I'm always right at 50lbs, and you can't go over like you do when you say you're going to get shoes for $50 but find a fabulous pair for $89. I need help. Maybe an intervention.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011