Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Notice something missing???

I finished some items...the socks and the lace scarf. Pictures coming shortly.

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Seven Random strange facts about me:

1. I have changed adult diapers when I worked with the developmently disabled in college, it wasn't my favorite part of the job to say the least, but the rest was rewarding.

2. My friends and I spent an entire Sat. my freshman year memorizing the lyrics to Paul Revere by The Beastie Boys.

3. I used to have hot pink hair. I miss it.

4. I have been to a Barry Manilow concert.

5. I met Perry Bamonte from the Cure and he came over to my apartment to see my son in 1992.

6. I used to be called a wet noodle in high school not for being stodgy but because I was so flexible and could bend like a spagetti noodle.

7. I am an avid fisherwoman and atver despite my girly girl disposition.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Flaming Needles, Spinning Kitty and more...

So I am going to follow the pack lead by Nachaele and make a Jawbreaker, just as soon as I finish my socks (more to come on that). For the Jawbreaker I bought this gorgeous variegated cotton from Over the Rainbow Yarns on ebay. This is my second purchase from them and I am once again thrilled with the value and quality
And on the sock front, the First sock is done and I am knitting the heel flap on the second. Hopefully I will post a FO shortly!!!
Yesterday I added Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins to my customer list! Yay!! I love the selection of roving they carry. I purchased some beautiful silk/merino in a lovely blue that I am using with the small spindle I bought to spin some lace weight for a shawl. Apparently my Pablocito likes spinning as well. Awww.

And a public service announcement. So if your kitty decides to chew your addi's and they are too rough for the yarn to pass over smoothly, here is what not to do.
1. sand cable
2.coat with nail polish
3. light on fire trying to melt the plastic
But it did work and I can still use them, I just don't recommend this course unless you really don't want to wait to finish knitting until you can purchase a new pair.

Last but not least on my list of misc. items that must be blogged this Sat. This is the great bag I found at Tuesday Morning. It is a diaper bag but works beautifully as a knitting bag. It also has a cute matching baby that holds my cell phone and wallet for knitting excursions.
This was included and is perfect for notions.
The whole ensemble.

And this little cooler is just the right size to hold a ball of sock yarn and needles. Great for slinging over the wrist and discreet knitting.

Happy Mother's Day to all, may you be able to knit to your heart's content.!

Our Visit to New Mexico was sublime. Our first stop was at this breathtaking canyon and bridge over the Rio Grande. The view below was dizzying but spectacular.
Alongside the parking were vendors offering beautiful pottery and jewelry far more affordable than what is found in Taos and Sante Fe. They rivaled the scenery and we were fortunate enough to indulge in both. Linda, myself and Mariah
The patio in front of our rooms was so serene. Upon arrival we each had a lovely massage and then took an dip Ojo Caliente's magnificent pools. So soothing and relaxing. I love the way New Mexico transports me from my everyday life and bestows a spiritual awakening and rejuvenation mere hours away from home.
These are the cute Pueblo suites across from ours and our beautiful view.
After a delicious dinner at the Artisan restaurant on the property we were joined by Jen and had a fabulous time soaking in a private pool along side a kiva fireplace. Wine and conversation were followed by a good night's rest.
Jen, Myself and Linda in Taos Town Square
After a morning soak and mud bath we headed to Taos on Monday. We had the opportunity to visit LaLana Wools and also partake in some other retail therapy including a visit back to the vendors by the Rio Grand Gorge. We had a lovely lunch at the Taos Cow in Arroyo Secco and I managed to find a summery orange bag for my knitting. Imagine that. We returned to enjoy another evening at the resort including dinner, private pool and more wine while watching Real Women Have Curves snuggled deep in our cozy beds.
On Tuesday after a last dip and another massage we departed and Mariah and myself headed to Sante Fe. Along the way we stopped by Los Vigiles Living Arts. The fiber studio I had visited the month previous. I am happy to say they are now on my customer list and I was able to acquire more luxurious yarn and some gorgeous mohair/wool roving ready for dying.
Once in Sante Fe we visited the Georgia O'Keefe museum which I had somehow failed to experience in my previous travels. We also had the opportunity to see this marvelous staircase in Loretto Chapel. It is truly an example of ingenious engineering.
Mariah and Myself
We searched high and low for Needles Eye (a local LYS), but gave up after circling side streets on foot under a big umbrella. The weather ended up being pleasant despite forecasts, except for Tues. in Santa Fe there were a few showers and a little hail. However it was refreshing to take in the clean smell of spring mixed with the rich earth.
The Church was awe inspiring and while there I took time to light a candle for Keith.
And alas after a few days of indulgence, massages, fine cuisine and escape it was time to make our way home.
I can not thank my most wonderful husband enough for giving us this opportunity to recharge. It is the best Mother's day present one could ask for and I am so glad I was able to share it with such wonderful friends. I hope we are fortunate enough to return again.