Thursday, December 17, 2009

Actual Knitting....and some bags

I started making the Panda Silk Fan shawl using the Noro Silk Garden I purchased at Serendipity in Buena Vista this fall. I am rotating three skeins to make the color shifts longer and may introduce more as it gets bigger. I think this may be one I’ll have to make a handspun version of, my wheels are turning. Perhaps for the shawl contest next year. I love how you can make one fan and then feel a sense of completion. If I average one a day I can knock it out pretty quickly.
This was supposed to be for the gift exchange at Knit Knack Tuesday but unfortunately I just wasn’t feeling good enough to attend. So instead I have given it to Maddie since she loves the bright green shades. There are 280 yds, enough for a hat and mittens if she so chooses.

I’ve been doing some damage on ebay recently with my bag purchases. I found this pretty Isabella’s Journey bag that matches my larger one. It came with a cute little bag charm. Perfect for a small project.
This is another Isabella bag that is so cheerful and fun. It is currently housing my fan shawl. The front pocket is very handy
Lastly is this posh small project bag. I was also going to gift this at the exchange but I guess it will just have to make itself comfortable with the rest of the bags in my closet.

And I just can’t resist posting a pic of Lily. She is getting so big. I think she has now doubled her weight since we brought her home. She is still pretty mellow and loving, and fortunately, knock on wood, potty training is going better. Notice the shoe among her toys….we are still working on that. Quick someone spare the sheep...perhaps I can spin it's wool. lol.

If I don’t post between now and then I wish you all a wonderful holiday filled with lots of love and yarn!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tis the Season

Here is a glimpse of our Christmas d├ęcor. While this time of year can be rushed, hectic and stressful, it is nice to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the season.