Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tattoos and Teddy Bears

So instead of meeting with the Arvada Knitters this Tues. I went and got me some new ink!!! Is this cool or what? I am in love with my new tattoo! It is on my left shoulder and not too big, but just big enough. This is my third tattoo, but my first that can be seen if I choose, well I suppose if I wore a backless shirt you could see my dragon, but I don't. My good friend Mariah's boyfriend Jim did it for me at Bound by Design. I highly recommend him if you are thinking of getting a tattoo.
And on to more cuddly matters. I finally finished the teddy bear for my bf's dd's 3rd birthday. On time in fact...well I was binding off the sleeve of the sweater mere minutes before leaving for the party. He is a cutie! I am pretty happy with how he turned out despite the pattern difficulties. I really have no idea how that head was supposed to go together but I did my best to figure it out. I did trim a bit extra after felting him. The pattern (in Knitted Toys by Fiona somethingorother) didn't call for felting, but I wanted him to be a bit more durable and hopefully pill less since he is merino.
And here he is in his snappy bright pink and sparkly sweater. I guess he should be a she, but I always think of teddies as boys. He will just be a metrosexual teddy bear I guess.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Back from Florida!!!

Ahh...the joys of knitting on the beach. Here I am in the FL keys working on my Florida socks. It was so tranquil, I highly recommend it.
The socks in progress on top of my son's sand castle.
If further proof is needed that I obsessed well then here ya go.
90 min waits are no problem when you can knit. Thanks Nicole for the cute little bag, it was very useful.

And here are the finished socks. I knit them entirely on vacation and therefore they are the FL socks, the colors also remind me of the landscape. I used MaryKay's gorgeous Red Rocks yarn. Just gorgeous!

Proof Christie knows me well

So Christie was right, I have no self restraint. I did end up buying a few things at Estes. Like this lovely roving...ooh so pretty.

Here it is up close.This was the only yarn I bought, a lovely mohair that will be some sort of pretty sweater.
This is a soy silk/ Merino blend I bought from Lambspun that I am planning on spinning into sock yarn. Won't those be pretty!
I love this roving. The seller had samples knit up from the spun yarn which I think was a great idea. So nice to see what the finished project would look like. I never would have bought this color if it weren't for the sample. It really is gorgeous knit up, far prettier than the other colors I leaned towards.
Up close.

This stuff is super funky! It is sooo soft and has pretty metallic thread in it! Now I just need to take a spinning class and buy a wheel, because this drop spindle way of doing things is awfully slow and I have acquired quite a bit of roving.