Monday, July 9, 2007

Proof Christie knows me well

So Christie was right, I have no self restraint. I did end up buying a few things at Estes. Like this lovely roving...ooh so pretty.

Here it is up close.This was the only yarn I bought, a lovely mohair that will be some sort of pretty sweater.
This is a soy silk/ Merino blend I bought from Lambspun that I am planning on spinning into sock yarn. Won't those be pretty!
I love this roving. The seller had samples knit up from the spun yarn which I think was a great idea. So nice to see what the finished project would look like. I never would have bought this color if it weren't for the sample. It really is gorgeous knit up, far prettier than the other colors I leaned towards.
Up close.

This stuff is super funky! It is sooo soft and has pretty metallic thread in it! Now I just need to take a spinning class and buy a wheel, because this drop spindle way of doing things is awfully slow and I have acquired quite a bit of roving.

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