Monday, July 9, 2007

Back from Florida!!!

Ahh...the joys of knitting on the beach. Here I am in the FL keys working on my Florida socks. It was so tranquil, I highly recommend it.
The socks in progress on top of my son's sand castle.
If further proof is needed that I obsessed well then here ya go.
90 min waits are no problem when you can knit. Thanks Nicole for the cute little bag, it was very useful.

And here are the finished socks. I knit them entirely on vacation and therefore they are the FL socks, the colors also remind me of the landscape. I used MaryKay's gorgeous Red Rocks yarn. Just gorgeous!


Purple Princess said...
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Purple Princess said...

I amd glad you are back. I missed you! I love the pic of you knitting on the beach.

Jenifer said...

Beautiful socks! I just saw MK's yarn -- it is nice! Glad you had fun on vacation!