Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Back from Hiatus

Wow, I have really fallen behind in blogging. So be prepared for a picture heavy update. We moved at the beginning of the month. After much stress we are in and mostly unpacked. It is so nice to be in a much bigger house, a whole 2000 sq. ft bigger than our old one. But amazingly we have already filled it. Hence the necessity of the move. We were so squished. I love love love this house. It is so bright and open. The kids each have their own bathroom, I have a craft room and Big A has an office.
The fountain in the front drew me in the first time we looked at the house. It isn't that clear but it is a boy and girl under an umbrella.
This was our first meal in the gorgeous kitchen. Chipotle eaten while the inspection was being done.
And here is the first thing I knit here. The dream swatch headband, which I now realize I forgot to take pictures of the finished project. A fun fast knit. I will have to take more pics of the house now that we are all moved in. Perhaps Thurs after the cleaning lady comes. I just spent a weekend away and the house is less than spotless. Oh and about that weekend, it was heaven. I will blog on that tomorrow.
I have also been busy learning to spin. I love it! The class I am taking from Maggie at Shuttles is so much fun. I have learned an amazing amount in the three weeks we have completed so far. This is the fleece she sent us home with the first week. Boy did it smell like a sheep, which is not surprising given this is wool right after shearing.
Little Pablo gave it a good sniff.
And here it is after washing. Quite the difference indeed.
Oops I go the photos out of order and can't seem to fix them. This is it spun on a drop spindle which should come after the next two pictures. Crap, this is out of order too, this come after the next pic. These are the rolags that are a result of the carding seen below. These are then spun into yarn.


And finally yarn spun on the spinning wheel. This week we are going to learn to ply it. And our final class will be dying which I am so eager to do. I have also spun some gorgeous ruby Brown Sheep roving that I will post pics of when it is plied. So that is a quick update. More to come soon.