Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eww and Mmm

So we will start with the Eww. Sunday night Maddie and her bf Elyse got sprayed by a skunk while riding their bikes home from McDonald's. Wow did they stink. We made them wait outside until they were washed off and the whole back yard smelled awful. So we started with a nice bath in tomato sauce. It was definitely entertaining, especially when they got rinsed with the ice cold hose water. About the time the tomato cleanse was finished I googled skunk spray removal and learned that the old tomato solution is not in fact a solution at all. So A headed for King Soopers to purchase large quantities of Hydrogen Peroxide. They then showered and lathered up with the HP, baking soda, and Palmolive concoction. This actually was worse then the tomato bath since it irritated their skin and made them painfully aware of any scratch or blemish on their skin.
It did do the trick however and they smelled a million times better once finished. We also had them convinced that if they couldn't get the smell out of their hair they would inevitably have to shave it. lol. We are evil parents.
So can you guess what was for dessert tonight? Let's see how many pictures it takes for you to figure it out. We will start with this awesome balsamic I picked up at the Manitou Springs Wine Festival this past weekend. It is unbelievably good.
Mmm, homemade lemon curd.
Fresh berries w/ a little sugar and the balsamic makes a lovely sauce.
Ooh, no dessert is complete with out some fresh whipped cream.
And to contain it all, some lovely crepes.
Nothing is more delicious than lemon curd crepes w/ a balsamic berry sauce. Well the savory crepes of goat cheese, asparagus and rotisserie chicken come in a close second, that was our main course, but I did not take picture.
Tomorrow we are making homemade marshmallows and will be having smores for dessert. I really need to stop watching the Food Network. Especially when I have PMS. I actually started crying while watch Bobby Flay's Throw down yesterday (the inspiration for the crepes). And not just once but during both episodes. I just hope this wasn't too high in fat because I started taking Alli and the side effects don't sound pretty. And that might be literal.

Up next:
I am awaiting just one more delivery of fiber and then I will share with you my new additions. I also have completed some scrumptious new yarns. And of course, ESTES!!!!!!

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Throws Like A Girl said...

Hee hee! Good to know that tomato doesn't work. But oh so entertaining to see. :)