Sunday, April 8, 2007

Taos Conclusion

Our last day in Taos was quite rewarding. First we scored a great deal on a chiminea for our back patio. I'm eager for the snow to melt so I can spend time knitting out back by the firelight. After a delicious lunch at a small deli we found The Yarn Shop right around the corner. My darling husband entertained himself by chatting up the eclectic woman minding the shop. He told her a tall tale of his vast interest in knitting and that we hailed from Cleveland. My youngest (wearing his CO Avs sweatshirt) was about to give his rebuttal when he was quickly summoned away by my daughter. The unsuspecting woman in turn told dh of her uncle who served in both WWI&II and was afflicted by some injury/disease ( I was hiding in the corner trying not to laugh) and how he was taught to knit while on the mend. Dh continued to blather on about some non-sense which included how she desperately needed to carry the world famous Creative Process stitch markers. We will see if there are benefits from his marketing strategies.

The last store we visited provided less comic relief but more fiber benefits. LaLana Wools has an overwhelming selection of plant dyed yarns. It was quite difficult to choose from all the beautiful colorways and selections of fibers. I finally settled on some Tussah silk in Lupine and my daughter picked the Millspun Wool in Indigo Green. Little A (youngest ds) was content with an adorable knit bunny finger puppet. I think the silk will make a delightful summer tank and am eager to see how it knits up.

We concluded our trip with a visit to the pueblo. We all thoroughly enjoyed the tour and were told at the end that George Clooney was somewhere about. We didn't see him which is probably for the best, especially since my camera battery had just died. So for now Dh can feel secure. lol.


Jenifer said...

Hi there Claudia!! Good to see you in blogland. Taos is wonderful, isn't it? That's where the husband and I spent our honeymoon. Happy Easter -- Jenifer (

Terri Lynn said...

Hi Claudia, welcome to the blog-o-sphere....I like your PW/SW sweater. I have not visited Taos, but hope to this summer. Hope your Easter was blessed!