Monday, April 30, 2007

My final serial post will be a confession

Well I have been really bad this month as far as the yarn diet goes. I really
am enjoying meeting at KnitKnack, however my wallet feels differently. I somehow managed to justify the 1st and maybe the 2nd purchase by offsetting it with Geri's stitch marker purchase, but the 3rd and 4th purchases really have no justification other than the yarn is soo pretty. Well I did have to purchase another hank of the Araucunia (the first three would be my first purchase) in order to have sufficient yarn for the intended project.(which I am still waffling on). And the sock yarn was purchased because I had to learn toe up and Turkish cast on. And well I couldn't just buy one skein of yarn, that would be ridiculous. So I bought the yummy purple and the ice cream yarn in my previous post.

And the red stuff, I can't even remember what it is, some sort of delicious wool blend. I really needed that to go with the cashmerino I already have so I can make a contrasting cable waist band on the sweater I am planning to make. (sometime in the future).Oooh and that blue shade of mystik could not be resisted. I mean everyone was drooling over it and Allegra bought the rest Geri had in stock because she too was entranced by its beauty. So that is perfectly understandable since I was not the only victim. that turquoise Berroco Twist, well that matched what I was wearing this past Sat. while at the store. As did the decor at Bliss , even their website matches. I knew I should have used my orange purse that day, I would have blended right into the walls. Wait, one does not wish to be a wallflower, does one? Lastly the black Debbie Bliss, well I need need need to make the shrug I saw recently and basic black should not count for anything. It is a necessity. Right?

And keep in mind this was all over the course of three visits, and I don't have to confess the Debbie Bliss book or Addi needles, since they don't count? So really, my purchases are all easy justified. I need to go make some more stitch markers stat.


Throws Like A Girl said...

When you blog, you BLOG! :) So many lovely yarns, I can now see why there was gushing about the Mystik. What are you thinking of doing with it?

Claudia said...

I am going to make the pretty lace camisole in Lace Style. I can't wait to knit it up!

Purple Princess said...

Sounds like you are as bad as I am. I cannot resist buying new yarn from a new yarn shop. Way too much fun. I love your purchases and can't wait to see the Mystic and the turquoise worked up. They are so beautiful.

Yarn Thing said...

I love those blues...they are going to be beautiful on you!


Anonymous said...

Oh Claudia, don't be so hard on yourself. These items are necessities and you are doing a public service...we need Knit Knack and you are guaranteeing its survival. You are doing it for all of us..