Monday, April 30, 2007

Have I mentioned I am a little anal retentive?

So here is my stash of yarn. The red basket has all the synthetic yarn. The drawer is full of novelty, leftovers and sock yarn (one yarn I have somehow not amassed). The bottom basket is full of wool, and the top cottons. The round hamper is full of yarns for this summer's projects. The pink container (thank you Nachaele) has roving, hand painted and luxury yarns. I just reorganized a bit this weekend to accomidate my new purchases. So I have a bit more since I posted my stash on the Sybermoms KAL blog. But it gives you an idea.

Further evidence can be witnessed in my closet. Did you notice that the clothes are organized by color? But wait that is not all, they are also further categorized in each color by sleeve length. Hey, at least I stopped putting the green clothes on the green hangers and so on.
And my most treasured manifestation of my ocd/retentiveness is the shoes. Oooh they are the best part. They are labeled and sorted by type and color. i.e. all sandles together, evening heels, sneakers etc. Oh and in my son's closet you will find the same thing for my off season shoes. I could be worse, I mean have you watched Monk? He makes me look totally normal.

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Yarn Thing said...


I am in LOVE with you! Well, at least your organizational skillz! I wish my whole house looked like that! Then maybe my husband could find something once in a while and not have to ask me to put my knitting down to help him. But I am not complaining :-)