Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just for you Betsy

So here is my scrapbooking, beading, stamping area. Okay it is a craft room. Or almost one as soon as the wall goes up dividing it from our bedroom. But that may be a while. As you can see I horde not only yarn but paper as well. It is a disease and I have yet to find the cure, but then again I also have yet to look.

See all the pretty ribbons in the jar, I love ribbons. I may even use them at some point. And all those white containers hold my beads for stitch markers. Perhaps I should learn to bead other things, but then again a girl can only have so many hobbies. Too many and the purse collecting may suffer.


Throws Like A Girl said...

It's so pretty and organized! I'd be afraid to take a picture of my stash since it looks more like a squirrel hoarded yarn in various places in our bedroom.

Jenifer said...

Wow ... you're so organized! My yarn area is one big mess ... sorta reflected in my life.

Betsy said...

Thanks for posting this, Claudia. I am impressed with all of your organizational skills. And of course with your collection of stuff.

Yarn Thing said...

I had no idea that you make stitch markers! I so want to learn how to do that! You simply must show me how, PLEASE!