Friday, April 18, 2008

Pretty in Pink!

Yay Spring! How I love thee let me count the ways and finish before it starts snowing again. Today is a beautiful day and I felt the need to express it on my toes. Little things like this make me happy. I went to my reg. nail salon, Elvis Nails, and lo and behold they had just purchased some new pedicure chairs. I was merely going to get a re-base, but that was just too tempting. So I broke down and indulged in a deluxe pedicure. One hour of pure heaven. So now my toes are all ready for spring. I am not even a pink person but it just fit my mood so well. And then when I arrived home this cute new Atenti bag I bought was waiting on my doorstep. I wish you could make it out a little better in the picture, but the plastic reflects the light.
Here is an up close of one of the sassy girls in the print. It also has rhinestones speckled through out.
And it pulls open to reveal a lush hot pink satin lining and a little pocket perfect for notions. I love my new bag, it's just so adorable!
Enjoy Spring!
eta: Oops I guess you caught me falling off the wagon. And all that talk on my last post about being good. Wait til you see the other one on it's way!
p.s. Some really exciting stuff is going to be coming up on my blog, as well as some perspective. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Love the bags and your pink toes! So cute! Are you coming to KK on Sunday to knit? Hope so! :)

adriana said...

Hey! I am one of the contributors for the brand new Atenti Bags blog! Thanks for blogging about our bags. We're so proud of them and get excited when our customers love them too!

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