Thursday, April 10, 2008

Knitting Getaway Part Two

(because I have no self restraint)
I really don't think I purchased that much, I mean if you consider that sock yarn doesn't count.
Our first stop was Knit Knack, soon to be Knit Nook in Conifer. They carried this great Maizy sock yarn,a corn fiber/elastic blend, (the pinks and the khakis) which Nachaele had previously used to make some adorable socks and highly recommended. (now upon perusing Nachaele's blog and all her recent purchases I think mine look respectable). I also bought some of the Panda silk (the purple) which is a soft bamboo/merino/silk blend. I am going to use the single balls to do the toes, heels and cuffs like Nachaele did.

I also purchased this soft as butter Blue Sky Organic Cotton in a lovely rich brick color to make the tank pattern pictured. I can't wait to wear this in the summer.
On the first visit to Serendipity I found this beautiful pattern in the Louisa Harding Summer Classics Book.
Which I intend to make in this color of Louisa Harding Jasmine. A cotton/bamboo/silk/polyester blend. I love this color! I also plan on adding an inch or two so that the lace does not fall upon my belly roll.
And I finally purchased the Yarn Play book. I had bought some gorgeous yarn from Los Vigiles Living Arts Fibers for the sweater (Poppy) on the cover last year. I wish they had a website, but this is the only link I have for them. Rose Vigil the owner will be teaching and selling her beautiful fibers at the Wool Festival in Estes this coming June. This project will probably not be started until next fall or winter, but since I was in spend mode, I figured I should get the book now.
I was also thrilled to finally get to ogle/fondle the Noro sock yarn. Although it is not the softest, I have been told that washing with conditioner helps, so how could I resist the beautiful Noro colors?

So on my 2nd trip to Serendipity I picked up some On Line yarn to make this fabulous scarf that Karlene had shared with us during show and tell. It was so much fun to knit. I started it Sat. evening and had it done Sunday. I wish I had learned German from my father so I could find the link to the pattern.
I also bought some in purple for Maddie to make one for herself, and if she doesn't do it soon I may have to knit it for her because it was so fun.
From Marilyn, who sells Black Water Abbey Yarns, I purchased this gorgeous pattern which I intend to knit using a pretty wool/cashmere blend in shades of red.
I also got this cute sock pattern from her.
And these gorgeous buttons for the Kerry sweater kit I had previously purchased and intend to knit at some point in time. She really has some of the most beautiful patterns and shades of yarn.

And finally we returned to Knit Nook for one last shopping fix in which I purchased this pretty Happy Feet yarn. I am going to make the Chevron scarf with the two different shades and then socks to match.

I have noticed that often the color of sock yarns I purchase are not necessarily the colors I wear. So with that in mind I bought the following two skeins of Jitterbug.
I wish I could capture the true colors of this skein, it is mainly black with some rich colored accents.
These skeins were only $.50 so I figured I could use them to make baby socks since they are only 200 yards a piece and they were orphans.
And lastly I was so kindly gifted this gorgeous Lorna's Laces in Tuscany from Leanne which I had been eyeing for quite some time. Thank you Leanne. :)
And as you can see, I managed to fill my sock yarn basket to the brim. So I either need to learn self restraint or buy myself a bigger basket. Which do you think will happen?


Judy said...

I vote for a bigger basket. I love Raggedy Ann too!

jennt said...

I, too, vote for the bigger basket! You can never have too much sock yarn!

StarSpry said...

What great purchases you made! I'm glad you had such fun at the Knitting Retreat. I love the buttons and cable collar cardigan pattern you got from Black Water Abbey :)