Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Knitting Getaway Part One

Ahh the joys of escaping it all and spending a weekend knitting the time away amidst the company of distinguished women. Yes this is how I spent the past weekend, at a lovely B&B called Liar's Lodge. I arrived Thurs afternoon, having carpooled with my friends Leanne and Nachelle, and having made a stop at a new LYS in Conifer. It was a lovely store with a great selection and I of course was able to find some wonderful yarns to purchase. I was also fortunate to add the store as a customer and they now carry Creative Process stitch markers! Yay!
After settling in we dined in town at a local Mexican restaurant. Mmm I must say the shrimp enchiladas were quite tasty and Connie the owner of the Lodge did inform us that calories only count as half at that altitude. A fact that I indeed took advantage over the weekend.

Friday was spent knitting and shopping at Serendipity ( I will post later about all my purchases). We also had a lovely lunch at Mother's and then enjoyed a tasty dinner made by Connie. That evening we participated in a gift exchange that was an enormous amount of fun. I received a beautiful scarf kit in vibrant oranges from Barb. It was as if it were picked just for me. I guess wrapping isn't everything since I picked the present in the trash bag! I was pleased for Judy to receive the present I provided. I hope she like the goodies I selected. There were some really wonderful gifts, I think everyone made out quite well. We were also the recipients of an adorable sheep pin and knitting mints from Judy.

Through out the weekend we were not alone. Often mule deer could be found roaming the property. They were most plentiful in the evening hours, when we would see as many as thirty grazing at a time.

Although, a one did make an appearance at breakfast, dining along the river banks.

The views and weather were lovely and seasonal. Although I waited to take pictures of the scenery until Sunday, just as a storm was moving in.

I slept in the loft of one of the bedrooms and directly above my bed was a large window with these beautiful views. At night I could look up and see the star filled sky above my head.
We were just on the edge of the Arkansas river, which stirred in me a desire to go rafting this summer. I think a long weekend at the lodge with the family will be a great escape this coming season.
But beyond the shopping, the food, the view and the presents, the greatest part of the trip was truly the people. Reuniting with old friends and making new ones was a joy. These are some of the greatest women I am proud to know.
We had such a wonderful time sharing stories, skills, projects and laughter. The great fellowship is what will always entice me to return.
We wrapped it up on Sunday and headed back home and to the reality of daily life, but not with out one more stop in Conifer for a last fix.
So in Part II I will share all the goodies acquired on the trip!

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Purple Princess said...

I had a great time with you and I am so glad you were there. Life is good in the mountains, knitting, eating, drinking, sleeping, sharing.