Saturday, April 12, 2008

Meanwhile in other crafty arenas...

While my Aunt Esther was visiting from Las Vegas we spent a relaxing Sat. morning creating cards. This first one is a thank you card.A jolly Happy Birthday Card.
And my favorite, a just because card.
Hee Hee, this should be my motto.
Also my mother has been making purses from placemats. Aren't they adorable?
These are the two I picked from the half dozen or so she had made.
As for my time currently, I have been quite busy making stitch markers. I'll soon post some pictures of a few of the fun ones. I also managed to add all my sock yarn to my stash in Ravelry. I can see now just how long of a process it will be to add my entire stash. I guess a little at a time and I'll slowly get it done.

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StarSpry said...

Those are great cards, and I love the purses your mom made!