Thursday, January 31, 2008

Charlie and Buster

Now that Charlie has received his Buster sweater I am able to share it with the world. And who couldn't ask for a cuter model? Look at those cheeks. Oooh my ovaries are twitching. This is such a cute sweater, and I get to knit it again for a friend whose baby shower is in Mar. Little Julian has already arrived, so we are anxiously awaiting their visit shortly. I hope he looks as cute as Charlie in it.
Knit Knack now has Namaste knitting bags, and of course I couldn't resist. It is in my favorite shade of orange and I am a little fanatical about orange (see upcoming post).
And here we are again with my dear old friend, The Philospher's Wool Southwest Sweater. I am so close to done. I think I will work on it a bit this afternoon. I really should give myself a deadline. Okay, it will be done by the end of Feb. No ifs, ands or buts. My mom has to have a chance to wear it this season.
When I am unable to knit the above mentioned sweater, this is the scarf I am working on. Perfect project for mindless knitting. It is a simple ribbed scarf in Malabrigo that dh picked. He wants it to his knees, and since he is 6'4" it may take a while. But it such yummy yarn to work with. I think I may have to make Mr. Greenjeans out of the remaining skeins. Off to knit....purses coming next.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh the little blue sweater with stars is so cute! Remember when you started on that in Buena Vista? It turned out great! Love the Malabrigo scarf! ;)

Terri Lynn said...

What a cutie! You sure have been busy! Nice home, craft room and shoes!!!!

StarSpry said...

Charlie looks adorable in his Buster sweater!

I know you can finish the Philospher's Wool Southwest Sweater by the end of February! Can't wait to see it :)