Friday, January 25, 2008

Teenagers, sex, shoes and legos...not necessarily in that order

It was bound to happen. Even though I tried my best to stop it, my baby is now a teenager. I pray that as she enters this period in her life she continues to be the sweet, generous and selfless girl that has brought me endless joy. I pray that she remains on the diligent road she has traversed thus far and keeps focused on living a joyful, content life. I pray that she will always have the good, kind heart that touches all of us around her and that she is blessed with all the happiness and abounding love that she so greatly deserves. I am so proud to be your mom Madison. I love you. Happy Birthday. And now for some shoes. I mentioned the other night at Knit Knack that I had tried to photograph them all. I have now broken the 100 mark and have 103 pairs. Here are the boots (to which I have since added a box and a pair....hey an additional 30% off the clearance price is hard to pass up at DSW) 14 pairs of boots and....
89 Pairs of shoes. :)
And this is what I can be found doing on a boring Sunday evening. I decided to clean the playroom and go through all of Anthony's toys, organizing them and making sure they were all in the right place. The Star Wars stuff all together, the Playmobil stuff, the nerf guns, the board games etc...all in it's rightful place. And then I got to the legos.
For some crazy reason I decided to dump out the huge bin of legos that we have amassed since Ian was Anthony's about 10 years ago, and organize it all. Amongst the legos were many things that did not belong.
You would be amazed what lurks under piles of blocks: a pinto bean, a barrette from when Maddie was a babe, magnets, numerous magnet numbers, and somethings I wish I could forget and was unfortunate enough to have touched.
Anthony even pitched in and assisted, well played as I worked diligently.
Three hours later, they were all sorted out. I could have been really anal retentive and done it by color. But I did it by reg. legos, flat pieces, people, little odd pieces, big odd pieces and stuff for making vehicles and stuff for making buildings (windows, walls doors). Now while this may seem like an incredible time suck, I must say that he has spent a lot more time playing with the legos now that he can find all the fun cool pieces. And anything that gets him away from the xbox is worth it.
Look at what a nice organized play area he now has. And since we moved the TV out of Ian's room and gave him a smaller one, all the kids are actually spending more time down here and I have peace and quiet upstairs. I didn't show the nice cherry bar in the other corner, but since I'm focusing on this being the kids' room I didn't want to give the wrong impression. On the far right you can see the air hockey table that Anthony got for his birthday, although all the kids are really enjoying it. So big A has his office, I have my craft room and now the kids have their own space. It is really starting to feel like home.

And now for the sex! Is this what's to become of us?


Allegra said...

Holy CRAP you have a lot of shoes!!! And so beautifully organized! Happy Birthday to Madison!

1pink3blues said...

Madison is a beautiful young woman, wow! Love all the space you have for each family member-what a great mom you turned out to be-Suzanne
Did you get my email with the pics of Charlie in his new sweater?

StarSpry said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Madison!!

Wow! So many shoes :) Such great organizing!

Throws Like A Girl said...

Man she is really growing up. So beautiful like her mama! ;)