Monday, February 4, 2008

A Very Monkish Sunday

It started very innocently. Sat. evening while dh was napping I perused the gallery over at Two Peas in a Bucket. Looking at the pictures of some of these women's craft rooms are inspiring, daunting, and some just plain jaw dropping. Now I am happy with my little room and thrilled to even have a craft room, but there are a few things I would like to do in the future. I love the idea of an island, and built in cabinets would be awesome too, but for now, with two mortgages that just isn't in the cards. However, I could use the inspiration found in their rooms to improve mine at least organizationally. So alas when I awoke at 8:30 am on Sunday (I should have slept in since we were kid free) I began my task. I gathered all my scrapbooking embellishments from the various places they were currently inhabitating and started to sort. I began with all my letters. About half way into this I was starting to doubt my sanity, but I need not fear, when Dh walked in and surveyed my project he confirmed my suspicions that indeed I had crossed over into new OCD territory.
I must say that the payoff is good however. All my little letters and numbers now have a new home in the cute cubbies that sit on my desk. Oh and see the cute little hearts adorning the wall, my dearest little boy made those for me.
See, look at all the pretty Zs. Completely worth it.
Next I started sorting all the other embellishment by color. About the time I finished with this task my friend Mariah showed up for knitting. Ha, fooled her. Off we went to find the necessary storage devices to house my new organiztional system.
And after a couple of different stops and a bribe of dinner I found what I was looking for. I already had a few of these drawer units, but to do what I needed
would require 8 more. Thank goodness Mariah was there to help me get them out to the car. Each drawer hold a different color. And in each drawer is one of the these tackle units to hold the smaller items.
I also did drawers for my stickers. These are the baby and Christmas drawers. The other drawers are: flowers, sports, nature, travel, birthday, cards, saying and quotes, neutral alphabets, colored alphas and misc. Here are the colored alphas. So now I should be able to find things more readily. At least that is the plan.

Six of the 8 units. The other two are under the dresser (see baby/christmas pic). And lastly I sorted all my buttons and placed them in these cute little glass vases.
I found quite a few buttons that will be used shortly for knitting projects. Its amazing what you forget you have.
And while out shopping we hit Archivers and I purchases some goodies for V-day cards. I neglected to send Christmas cards this year due to all the commotion in our lives so instead I think I will have the kid's pics taken and send them with the valentines. I also plan on making some funky magnets with the papers on the left for some special people.
Can you guess whose card will be bestowed with the Love of My Life die cut?

It was indeed a productive day. I finished around 8pm, so almost a good 12 hours of work and a few more inches over the OCD line.

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StarSpry said...

That's awesome! I love all of your organizing!! You should have no problem finding what you're looking for now :)