Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I can't think of a title Tues.

This weekend was a rough one. Our garage door broke and consequently dh was parked in the driveway. I unfortunately forgot this fact and managed to back into his truck denting both our vehicles in the process. Ugh. I also foolishly and carelessly have lost something I treasure and to all of you who believe in prayers and saints or some combo if you would please say a little prayer to St. Anthony I would be grateful. I will know Thurs. whether or not it is lost forever.
On the brighter side of things. Here is what I am currently spinning. It is a beautiful merino/tencel blend.
I started spinning it on the drop spindle with quite some success albeit slow. I was shooting for a nice fingering weight when plied. The consistency is pretty good, but not quite there yet.
Unfortunately it seems I am having a tougher time of it with the wheel though. This fiber is definitely more tricky than the others I have spun so far, and I am constantly breaking it. I am debating whether or not to go back to the spindle to finish the rest of this fiber or just stick it out with wheel and hope that it looks better when plied with the first spindle spun batch. We will see.
Recently a bunch of us local knitters pulled together to make an afgan for my dear friend Nicole who is kicking breast cancer's ass. It turned out to be quite lovely and I enjoyed working on the blocks that I contributed. I have never made an afgan before and although this project is now complete and gifted I feel the need to continue making squares.
So I bought a few more balls of the Berroco comfort, which is mighty soft but awfully splitty and am going to see how many squares I can make before I lose interest. I can't decide if I want to give this to my friend who just had a baby or continue with my plans for the Buster sweater V.2. If I do gift this afgan, I have figured I need to start whipping out a square a day to be done in time. Do you think 4x4 squares would suffice? The blocks are about 8.5 inches. Add to that the crocheted edge and then I would probably do a border as well. I like the one that Marly did on the afgan for Nicole, but I am not sure that my crochet skills are quite up to par to do that, so we will see.

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StarSpry said...

I sure hope you find what was lost!

Love the squares you're making :)