Friday, September 14, 2007

Zen and the art of knitting

Is there a book of this title? If not there should be. Because knitting surely is helping me find Zen. I know I have mentioned it at least at million times, but I will once more. I am anal retentive. Not full on Monk style but enough that these socks have made my pulse quicken a time or two. Do you notice how the yarn has made two completely different patterns in each sock? I have. I am going to live with it. Surely I am one step closer to achieving zen. Then I got to the toe. When I did the second sock it did not look at all like the first sock's toe. So I had to unweave my ends, and the extra ends from the weird thing I had to do to fix that extra loop I ended up with (which was probably best I ended up ripping out anyway) and frog the toe and try to knit it again to match. The first time I knit the toe with the decreases EOR, the second I did it every row. It still doesn't match. I don't know what I could have done and of course I didn't write it down, that would have made sense if I was going to do some sort of weird toe alteration, so once again I will have to live with it. I think if I keep knitting I may achieve Nirvana or be committed.

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