Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Did I mention I love shoes?

I don't know what obsession is greater, shoes or knitting. But given I have a blog devoted to knitting I would say that it has the edge. However I feel that the shoes are feeling a bit neglected so with that in mind I will share some pictures of my recent purchases.
These cuties I bought at TJ Maxx last week. They are just adorable and perfect for fall skirts.

Now how could I possibly resist these boots? Perfect for wearing out to a club or staying at home *wink wink*
And can you believe I got them at DSW?

These darling Joan and David's were on super sale at DSW so they made their way up to the register w/ little arm twisting.
And so did these. Another great clearance purchase, these Steve Madden's were only $10.

These I bought at Kohls a couple weeks ago, to go with the birthday outfit. Aren't they adorable?
So should I go back for the Stuart Weitzman's that were 80% off? I think I should, however dh may disagree, but we are buying a new house with bigger closets. What better to fill them with than shoes?
So now you see how easy it is to amass 85+ pairs or so of shoes when you buy in bulk. Now if the house is on fire and the kids and pictures are safe (oh yeah dh too) what do I grab first? Yarn or shoes?


Allegra said...

Wow, that's some shoe stash enhancement!!! I especially love the first pair....

Purple Princess said...

Wow quite the shoe stash. I love the boots.

Bea said...

Love the shoes!

1pink3blues said...

Looks like you are all set for fall--I miss those beautiful Colorado seasons. Suzanne