Monday, September 24, 2007

Productive Weekend

Ahh the joys of moving. Nothing is more fun than fixing up your house for someone else. We spent the weekend putting a new roof on the house. Well we didn't put the roof on, we left that to skilled tradesmen under my FIL's supervision. He is the one manning the skid loader below. It is nice to have a family member who owns a skid loader, they come in mighty handy. Those pallets of roofing tiles weighed 1000s of lbs.
It is amazing how fast those guys worked. They had the old roof off in no time flat.

This gives you an idea of the before.

And the after.

I spent the entire time inside packing. Ugh. We have sooo much stuff to pack. About half of it ended up in a pile for a garage sale and goodwill. Little A is going to have to go to Grandma's for the garage sale so he doesn't see how many of his toys I am selling. He doesn't play with any of them so I know he won't miss them as long as he isn't witness to their departure. Not much knitting related news. I went to a friends house Sat. night to watch the UFC fights and forgot my knitting. :( It was tragic. I am not a big UFC fan, shocking I know. I was routing for all the cute guys to win and they all lost. Sunday evening after packing Maddie's room and most of the playroom, Maddie and I escaped for a couple hours of well earned knitting time at Starbucks. Today we have the inspection on the new house and I hoping to finish packing the playroom. I am starting to understand why moving is in the top 10 stressors list.


Throws Like A Girl said...

Ick. So sorry. Moving does suck. :)

Allegra said...

Best of luck with packing and moving! Don't get too stressed!! (easier said than done, I know!)

StarSpry said...

The new roof looks great!

Try to take many knitting breaks during the packing/moving! That might help with some of the moving stress :)