Thursday, January 21, 2010

A new toy!

It's been a long, long time since I've done any scrapbooking. Probably since we moved into our new home. Today I received in the mail some nifty new scrapbooking software to help me catch up with the millions of photos I need to preserve. Unfortunately my shots I received earlier this week have seemed to have hurt more than help so I've been in my pjs today with plenty of downtime to fiddle around with the new program. It is called Memory Mixer and it really user friendly.
The nice thing is that there are plenty of different downloads available, papers, embellishments and alphas so you don't get bored. The possibilities are endless. If I didn't have an order of over 500 stitch markers to fill I could see myself getting sucked into this.
But I do think I will bring my computer along for the scrap I'm attending on Super Bowl Sunday. I wonder how many pages I can get done?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009 Summary

So I perused my projects page on Ravelry and came up with a summary of what I accomplished in 2009.
4 pairs of socks
4 scarves
4 sweaters
3 hats
3 baby outfits
3 shawls
and 1 dog sweater
6 of these were made with handspun
Many of these were items that were already started and were a part of my resolution to finish all UFOs. I hope to accomplish this much again this year with a greater percentage made of handspun.
Right now I am working on the Necessity vest using my hollyberry handspun. I really like how the colors are working up.
I just finished these socks using Mini Mochi. I love the colors and they are super soft and squishy. Aside from knitting I have been enjoying our girl Lily. She is growing so big and has more than doubled in size since we brought her home. She has continued to be a good little puppy. She is very mellow and is now finally house broken. She's a snuggler and a welcome addition to our family.

Up Next: Plans for Knitting 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

So far so good

No yarn purchased and I've been busy spinning! I've been working on this for quite some time and I finally finished it! yay! This is a 3ply, 18wpi, 417 yds, 6.75 oz. I spun one ply of Spunky's SW Lame Duck Mallard, one ply of Spunky's Banff and a third ply I alternated the two rovings. The wool was SW BFL and Corriedale. I put a lot of twist into both the singles and when plying to make it durable. I plan to use it to make my dh a pair of socks for his 40th bday. It was really fun to watch the colors come together as I plied.
Banff, SW Corriedale:
Lame Duck Mallared SW BFL:
IMG_6110 (2)

Next up pics of my latest project and finished socks.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Since they worked out so well for me last year, I have decided to make some resolutions for the coming year in relation to my knitting.
1. No yarn purchases until all my credit cards are paid off.
This excludes: yarn for gifts, yarn bought with money from de-stash, yarn needed to complete a project.
2. Limit fiber purchases to monthly clubs and Estes. Above rules also apply.
3. Knit a sweater every two months. I have yarn for about 20-25 large projects and it is about time I start making some of them. List to come later.
4. Knit at least two sweaters from hand spun.
5. Spin at least once a week.
6. Sell enough stitch markers to purchase an electric spinner.

That should cover it. I think this will help me tackle some of my stash and will result in some nice new garments to wear. We won't talk about the great binge that occurred right before the 1st. Hence the credit card balances.