Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Since they worked out so well for me last year, I have decided to make some resolutions for the coming year in relation to my knitting.
1. No yarn purchases until all my credit cards are paid off.
This excludes: yarn for gifts, yarn bought with money from de-stash, yarn needed to complete a project.
2. Limit fiber purchases to monthly clubs and Estes. Above rules also apply.
3. Knit a sweater every two months. I have yarn for about 20-25 large projects and it is about time I start making some of them. List to come later.
4. Knit at least two sweaters from hand spun.
5. Spin at least once a week.
6. Sell enough stitch markers to purchase an electric spinner.

That should cover it. I think this will help me tackle some of my stash and will result in some nice new garments to wear. We won't talk about the great binge that occurred right before the 1st. Hence the credit card balances.


cheryl said...

Sounds like a very ambitious resolution. I wish you luck. I too have been trying to revisit all my half done projects. I am trying to look at them differently. After all, most of them are at least half done, so they will be so much quicker to complete, right?????

Claudia said...

Yes, that was my resolution last year. I think I ended the year with over 20 FOs, it is so much quicker when half the work is done.

mewmew said...

I can help you with goal #6. I need stitch markers. When can you bring some by?. sue at Mew Mew's