Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm a Godmother!!!!

Now I don't think I am biased at all, but I do believe other than my children this is the most handsome little guy I have ever seen. Welcome to the world baby Grey Hudson. You are already loved by so many people. I am so thrilled to be your Godmother. Congrats Mariah, you will be an excellent mother. Just remember they do grow into little monkey boys! Ha Ha....inside joke. (well most mothers of boys should get it).
Grey Hudson
Jan 29th 2009
7lb 14 oz
20 3/4 in.
100% adorable
and he comes with that heavenly new baby fresh smell. My heart swoons.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Woo Hoo I finished something!

In sticking with my New Year's resolution I have been working on my UFOs. Monday night I finally finished these socks that have been in my knitting bag since April. I don't know if I was really stressed in April when I did the first one or super relaxed when I did most the knitting on the second one this past Sunday, but there is a huge difference between them. April sock has 18 repeats and Sunday sock has 16 and is also a wee bit loose. It also affected how the yarn worked up.
Anyhoo I am pretty happy that they are done and I can cross something off the list!

Socks for Veronique
Panda Silk
size 1 needles
Started April 2008
Finished Jan. 26th

Friday, January 23, 2009

I left my heart in San Francisco but came back with a full suitcase.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to Santa Rosa for my dear cousin Olivia's (2nd from the right) baby shower. She is expecting a baby boy this May and many of the family came together to celebrate. It was so nice to see many of the 25 cousins I have. (not to mention the 11, soon to be 12 2nd cousins). This picture is sorta a one of these things is not like the other. I swear I am related and I am Mexican, my mom just happened not to marry another Mexican, hence my gringo appearance. I must say we do have a good looking family.
Now in this picture everyone looks like each other. I swear the older they get the more my mom and her sisters look alike.
This is the hat and baby kimono I made out of Paton's cotton tots for Olivia's baby. I didn't know it was a boy until the shower hence the neutral colors. I brought along my trusty yarn shop travel guide and managed to sneak in a few visits to some LYSs. The first shop I went to in Santa Rosa was Cast Away. They had a wonderful selection of Blue Sky Alpaca yarns but nothing local, at least that I could find. The person working never addressed me or offered assistance the whole 10 minutes I was there, so hence I left empty handed.
Now Knitterly in Petaluma was a whole different story. It was a delightful shop with a very friendly staff who eagerly helped me find some local yarn. They even let me take pictures. I think if I lived here this would definitely be my hang out. I love the felted ball curtain that hangs in the front door, too cute.

This is the local artisan yarn I purchased. The Royal Hare is the indie dyer and this sock yarn is called Russian River Rose. I just couldn't pass it up with a name so perfect for remembrance of my trip.
I also bought this beautiful optim roving because I have been dying to try optim and the price couldn't be beat.

While on my mini vacation I did manage to fit in some knitting as well. I finished the Sweet Pea set for Mariah and am thrilled I completed it before the little guy has joined us.

On Sunday I traveled with my Mother and Aunts to San Francisco. I wanted to do something a bit different this time since I have seen Fisherman's wharf more times than I can count. So we headed to Japantown.

Here I was able to purchase some great presents for the kids and maybe a thing or two for me. I bought bento boxes for Maddie, Little A and I. All of the accoutrements are too adorable to pass up. I love the little sauce containers and the animal food picks. I also picked up a quirky little red notions bag, a tea bag dish (gifted to me by Aunt Esther) and some chocolate at Ghirardelli Square.

But the most awesome purchase was this kick ass bag that I fell in love with. Already my daughter has tried to steal it but I am resolved to keep it. It is made by Angry Little Girls and is just awesome. I have a feeling I am going to buy more of their stuff in the future, it is so hilarious and cool. You have to give it a look.

So overall it was a quite enjoyable trip spent with family and friends and a nice dash of fiber. Next time I will not wait 6 years between visits. My heart always belongs to San Francisco.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Please say a prayer

Yesterday a dear friend of mine lost her husband in the pile up on I70. He was only 37 years old and a father to two young boys, one of which attends 1st grade with my son. This is so very tragic, if you could all say a prayer for them and keep them in your thoughts I would appreciate it. Ladies, give your husbands a big hug tonight and tell them you love them. The world can turn upside down so quickly and we need to take the time to appreciate all we have been given.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holy Knitting Batman, A Post with Knitting Content!

Happy New Year!!!!!
And to celebrate I am finally going to share some FOs!!!! Here is my lovely Noro scarf that I am madly in love with.
I'm sure you have seen it before on Brooklyn Tweed and The Yarn Harlot's blogs, but even though it has been knitted by the masses it still enthralled me and held my interest the entire time. I am eager to make more, but we will address that later in my resolutions.
For Maddie's skating coach I knit these Princess Mitts from the Book of Yarn. They were a really quick and fun knit. It is the first time I have done cables from a chart and it was a great intro that gave me confidence in my chart reading skills.

I used Ultra Alpaca a 50/50 wool alpaca blend. I am so happy with how they turned out I plan to make a pair for myself with the other skein I have of this yarn. I sure hope her coach liked them.

And although I didn't get it finished in time for the shower, I should have this project done before Mariah's baby makes an appearance. I am using this sport weight merino that I hand painted.

To make Sweet Pea.

The hat is finished, although for some reason Blogger is posting my pictures sideways, and the gown is 75% done. I can't wait to see him in it!

On the spinning front, I am working on spinning for a sweater. I am blending on my drum carder a blf x shetland with suri alpaca for a 50/50 blend. So far I have 6.5 oz and 350 yards completed.

I am planning on making the Town and Country sweater (the cardigan) from A Fine Fleece. So far it is going well and is a joy to spin. My swatch turned our pretty well so I think I am on track. Turn your head and you will see it is moss stitch.I have also been spinning this delightful tussah silk I bought from Sqoosh on Etsy. On this bobbin is 2oz, half of what I have to spin and who knows how many yards.

As you can see I am spinning it quite fine. I think spinning lace weight can really make your budget stretch with the amount of spinning time you can eek out of a small amt. of fiber. And lastly as I have touched on I have indeed made some resolutions for the new year. Besides all the usual get healthy and exercise standards, I have included a knitting resolution. This year I intend to finish all my UFOs that are lying around, which included the infamous Philospher's Wool sweater for my mother. I will not start any other new projects other than gifts until all these projects are complete. Off the top of my head the list is:
The Philosopher's Sweater
The Minimalist Cardigan
One Sock for Veronique-really for me, that is just the name
Rainy Day Scarf for Aunt Esther
Ribbed scarf for dh
editted to add: Fletcher in Noro Iro
and one more...the fitted tank in Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton
So not too many projects, but enough to keep me busy this first quarter. Hopefully by the time these are completed I will be done spinning my yarn and will be able to begin the Town and Country.
Wish me luck!