Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Woo Hoo I finished something!

In sticking with my New Year's resolution I have been working on my UFOs. Monday night I finally finished these socks that have been in my knitting bag since April. I don't know if I was really stressed in April when I did the first one or super relaxed when I did most the knitting on the second one this past Sunday, but there is a huge difference between them. April sock has 18 repeats and Sunday sock has 16 and is also a wee bit loose. It also affected how the yarn worked up.
Anyhoo I am pretty happy that they are done and I can cross something off the list!

Socks for Veronique
Panda Silk
size 1 needles
Started April 2008
Finished Jan. 26th


Jack said...

Such a difference but then it has been 8 months! LOL

Knitting by the Pond said...

Love them! I need to finish my orange ones! Then there is the green and white that I purchased that day too! How many colors did we purchase that day?!? :) I guess we were smitten with the bamboo and silk!

Answer to your question, I would love to come back to visit this summer. I need to make some money to pay for the expenses of starting my business then the rest should be a profit so I can start saving! I am planning on staying with Leanne and hanging out with you guys to knit ALOT!! :) Miss you!