Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holy Knitting Batman, A Post with Knitting Content!

Happy New Year!!!!!
And to celebrate I am finally going to share some FOs!!!! Here is my lovely Noro scarf that I am madly in love with.
I'm sure you have seen it before on Brooklyn Tweed and The Yarn Harlot's blogs, but even though it has been knitted by the masses it still enthralled me and held my interest the entire time. I am eager to make more, but we will address that later in my resolutions.
For Maddie's skating coach I knit these Princess Mitts from the Book of Yarn. They were a really quick and fun knit. It is the first time I have done cables from a chart and it was a great intro that gave me confidence in my chart reading skills.

I used Ultra Alpaca a 50/50 wool alpaca blend. I am so happy with how they turned out I plan to make a pair for myself with the other skein I have of this yarn. I sure hope her coach liked them.

And although I didn't get it finished in time for the shower, I should have this project done before Mariah's baby makes an appearance. I am using this sport weight merino that I hand painted.

To make Sweet Pea.

The hat is finished, although for some reason Blogger is posting my pictures sideways, and the gown is 75% done. I can't wait to see him in it!

On the spinning front, I am working on spinning for a sweater. I am blending on my drum carder a blf x shetland with suri alpaca for a 50/50 blend. So far I have 6.5 oz and 350 yards completed.

I am planning on making the Town and Country sweater (the cardigan) from A Fine Fleece. So far it is going well and is a joy to spin. My swatch turned our pretty well so I think I am on track. Turn your head and you will see it is moss stitch.I have also been spinning this delightful tussah silk I bought from Sqoosh on Etsy. On this bobbin is 2oz, half of what I have to spin and who knows how many yards.

As you can see I am spinning it quite fine. I think spinning lace weight can really make your budget stretch with the amount of spinning time you can eek out of a small amt. of fiber. And lastly as I have touched on I have indeed made some resolutions for the new year. Besides all the usual get healthy and exercise standards, I have included a knitting resolution. This year I intend to finish all my UFOs that are lying around, which included the infamous Philospher's Wool sweater for my mother. I will not start any other new projects other than gifts until all these projects are complete. Off the top of my head the list is:
The Philosopher's Sweater
The Minimalist Cardigan
One Sock for Veronique-really for me, that is just the name
Rainy Day Scarf for Aunt Esther
Ribbed scarf for dh
editted to add: Fletcher in Noro Iro
and one more...the fitted tank in Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton
So not too many projects, but enough to keep me busy this first quarter. Hopefully by the time these are completed I will be done spinning my yarn and will be able to begin the Town and Country.
Wish me luck!


Slither said...

Ooooohhh that spool of silk is getting more full! It looks really beautiful!
Some really nice projects going there!

Judy said...

Love the gloves and the baby set is going to be perfect. You have an ambitious year ahead.

Susanna Donato said...

Hey, halfway through the silk is good! Only two more years and you'll be done. :)

By all means finish your mom's sweater to get it off your mind. Good luck!

StarSpry said...

I love your scarf! Your other projects look great, too :) Good luck with your knitting resolutions!