Thursday, August 13, 2009

Californyha nyha nyha nyha

South Park watchers will get the title.
For my birthday this year we decided instead of a big party to get away, just the two of us. It was a wonderful birthday and started out on the right foot when the rental car agent upgraded our midsize to this bright convertable.
The main event of the trip was seeing Blue October in concert. They trail not far behind NIN as my 2nd favorite band and seeing them live is always a treat.

Our hotel was awesome, so many cool little details that made it stand apart from the standard chain.

The view from our room was wonderful as well.

Thursday we went to the beach in Santa Monica and hit a wonderful yarn store, Compatto as well. I bought a couple of gorgeous hand-dyed sock yarn made especially for that store.

On the last day we went to In N' Out and then I spent the afternoon on the hotel's rooftop pool while A worked. It was pure heaven to sit viewing the Hollywood Hills while knitting, drinking the hotel's signature martini the stillo. Just when I thought that life couldn't get better a massage therapist came by and offered me a free foot massage. Ahhh this is the life.

Now if I could live in this house I think A might be able to convince me to move to LA. The more we go the more I am able to invision ourselves living there. Perhaps once Maddie has gone off to college it will be a good time...time will tell.

And I did manage to accomplish a bit of knitting, this is the sweater I am making for little A out of Berrocco Comfort. So far he thinks it is pretty cool. It is knitting up fast and I should have it done pretty quickly.

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StarSpry said...

I'm glad you had a fun birthday trip to California! Little A's sweater looks great :)