Friday, April 24, 2009

NJ Trip Part 2

How nice was it to find out that the lovely store Accents on Knits could be seen right from my hotel window. We had stopped in on Friday as they were setting up for a big sale starting Sat. So after a yummy breakfast at Friendly's we returned to the store. The couple who owned it were so personable and eager to assist us in finding some great buys.

Full bags were on sale for 50% off so I snagged this delightful shade of blue Glace with which I plan to make a summer top.

I also bought this nice linen which I am thinking of using for the Aleita Shell.

We then headed to our old church where I also attended 1-4th, 7th and 8th grade. I left in 1987 and hadn't returned since. I found out about the 50th Anniversary from my friend Michael who I chat with on Facebook. My favorite pastor Mike Ortel gave the sermon and even though my beliefs have change it was still moving to listen to such a dynamic speaker.

Here I am with my old classmates Michael and Tara and Michael's adorable children.

In the afternoon program Michael spoke about his experience attending Jockey Hollow Adventist School. He refreshed the good memories I had of Mrs. Chisholm and all the wonder times we shared.

I also was thrilled to see Ileana. She looks amazing, she hasn't aged at all since the last time I saw her, it's hard to believe she has 16 years on me. Growing up she was like a mentor/big sister, someone I could always talk to and relate with. Seeing her again was truly a high light of the trip. And even though it has been quite some time it only took a little while chatting to remember all the great qualities that endeared me to her in the first place.

Following the afternoon program we headed back to the hotel and then went to Grasshopper's for a drink and some dinner and a little more catching up with Ileana. It felt just like old times. We headed to bed early so we could get an early start on our trip to NYC Sunday.

Up Next: Sunday in the City

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