Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wanna see my tank?

My lovely Blue Sky Alpaca organic cotton. Oh how I love thee. The tank however is a whole other story. I believe this picture is from the first time I started it, just a few more inches into it and I had to frog it for being too big.
Last night I was close to finishing it.

But now my attitude has changed a bit.

$%^# this tank. I had it done to the armholes, and the entire front finished. I tried it on and still it was huge!! I had already went down a dress size and a needle size as well. I did a gauge swatch, but I should double checked it as I went on. I am going to have to go down another needle size and maybe make the small. That is when it is allowed out of time out. Bad bad project. I think with that kind of behavior and the fact that it is now just another part of my yarn stash removes it from the WIP list. So now I just have the Minimalist and the Rainy Day scarf.

ETA: Okay so it's not just me! I looked at others' tanks on Ravelry and there were a lot of tears and frogging going on due to it being huge. Also many people said it was too heavy for summer. So I'm going to give this yarn some time to figure out what it wants to be. This looks promising!

Perhaps it is better to talk about the other things I am doing at the moment. Out of the stash has come some stones to be made into new necklaces. A lot of these beads I bought almost two years ago at the bead show in Vegas. So I have had plenty of time to find inspiration to create something out of them. The orange one already existed, I just restrung it due to a faulty clasp. It is still my favorite.

My creation
Mmm looks like candy!

So I think I mentioned in my previous post that I didn't go to Taos after all. I knew the weather was going to be dismal and I just really wasn't up to going. Four days of quiet time and knitting time and sleeping in sounded so much more appealing. However, I did still benefit with some awesome souvenirs brought home by my boys. Little A picked this one out for me. Isn't he cute?

This one is soo fuzzy and soft.

And who can resist this gorgeous little vicuna? Now they just need names. Suggestions are welcomed.

Dh did good with this purchase. It is a mohair/nylon boucle from Southwest Weavers. I can't believe he actually bought yarn that was $25 a skein, and not just one skein but three!!! I think I am going to make this out of it. I just love the colors. What a great guy I have!! Swoon.

And lastly I must say, it hasn't all been bad in the knitting world. My Revontuli is coming along gorgeously. I can't wait to wear it for Easter. It is over 300 stitches now and a bit slow going but I am still enjoying it.


Susanna Donato said...

Well there you go - on the bright side, one thing off your list! Your beads are beautiful.

Tattooed and Crafty said...

Mulberry. The vicuna should be named Mulberry.

Claudia said...

Mulberry it is then. :)