Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Substantial Progress with a slight Detour

I have no clue why my pictures are sideways, but anyway, I am making great progress on my Fletcher. These are the sleeves, I am working them at the same time and attempting to get them to match.

The back:

The fronts which I took great effort in matching. I am way to retentive to have it not match up. It wasn't that hard really, just a few extra ends to weave in and lots of little balls of Noro bits and pieces.

When you wake in the morning and your seven year old tells you that there is a detour sign right in front of your house, you don't really think he means literally.

These are the joys of having teenagers. I just have no idea where Ian should put the cones once he removes them from his vehicle. I imagine this is a direct consequence of the prank calls he made to his friends last night for a 3OH!3 contest.

And lastly is the yarn I spun up Sat. night at the Sit n' Spin I hosted. This is Romney in Eclipse colorway from Spunky Eclectic's monthly club.

This was a quick spin of heavy worsted/bulky weight, 100 yds from 4oz. I think I am going to make the Maine Morning Mitts out of it.

Have a great hump day and watch out for the detours.

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