Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pardon my pictures.

Unfortunately these pictures are not the greatest quality since they were taken on the camera phone. Dh is in San Diego and took our camera with him, but I couldn't wait to post so these will have to suffice. I finished my socks, and love love love them. I am so happy it is cold today so I can wear them!
I also started to make my pretty pink pussy bed. I am using Brown Sheep and fun fur, and am going to pick up around the edge when the base is done for the sides. After that the whole thing will go in the wash for felted goodness. I hope the kitties like it, well I know Nietzsche will care less but Pablo seems to favor cozy sleep surfaces. I know it is not very manly and doesn't match my decor but I am trying to use up some stash, although I did end up at Mew Mew's today to buy another skein of Lamb's Pride. Maddie noted that it looks a lot like the items I knit when I first started knitting. I am happy to report that I have almost depleted my fun fur stash.
This yarn arrived today in the mail. I bought it on ebay from The Special Tea Shop. It is 468 yards of 90% wool 10%nylon blend sock yarn in Orange Cranberry. My two favorite colors in one skein!
And on it's way is another Atenti bag. I need to stop searching ebay for them. Tsk tsk.


Throws Like A Girl said...

Way cute socks! Love em!

StarSpry said...

Great socks! Really pretty yarn you got from eBay :)

Anonymous said...

Ewwwwww, I love those socks! :) Very pretty, just like you! Another bag.....he he!

Purple Princess said...

I love your socks and can't wait to see your new bag.