Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Odds and Ends

Where does the time go? It is almost summer and the days are flying by faster than I can keep up with. So what follows is a bit of odds and ends of what has been happening in my world.
Yesterday was field days for 1st graders. Anthony was quite proud that his class won the tug-o-war battle between classrooms. Luckily the rain held off and all the activities were thoroughly enjoyed.
Basketball has been also consuming a large amount of time in our household. We were fortunate that Anthony was able to score us 5 tickets (very rare to get 5) to see the final game against the Hornets. JR is my boy!!! I love that man. :) Most nights we are snuggled up in our bed with the kids watching the games on TNT. I have no idea why they have decided that they like the 37in. tv in our bedroom better than the 50in. one in our playroom, but so it is. As long as I can knit with out a pair of stinky feet in my face I am good.

Here is Anthony after the game last week, just a wee bit bushed.

I finished the yarn I was making for Maddie. She is going to knit her first pair of socks out of it. She picked the colors and carded it herself. Hopefully she will be in Maggie's class this summer so she can then spin it on her own as well.

I decided I didn't like my yarn hiding in the closet so I bought another set of cubbies. I love that it is all out now and accessible. The closet however remains full of unspun fiber. I am contemplating if I need to take over, I mean trade rooms with Ian when he goes off to much more room for fibery goodness. Perhaps it is better to just knit as much as possible from my stash to ensure he does come home on breaks....I can't even believe this is a little over a year away. Sigh.

This guy followed me home one day.

Sat. I forced/encouraged the Anthonys to go to the alpaca festival with me. It was pretty fascinating to see the animals and talk to their owners. Big A wanted to know if you could eat them and little A wanted to pet them all. Now alpacas aren't the most outgoing of creatures, they are quite timid in fact, but he did manage to pet a few. Big A jokingly called my FIL and told him I had bought two alpacas and was bringing them to his property to live. He reacted amazingly well, stating I need to make sure to come by 2xday to feed them and take care of them. Tempting, but I think for now I will just buy the fiber. I found this lovely llama/silk blend. It is so soft, Anthony says it looks like old lady hair.

I also purchased a 1 1/2lbs of alpaca fiber which to my family's horror I washed in the tub last night. Apparently they don't embrace the wet alpaca smell as much as I do. Man those suckers get dirty, they love to roll around in the dirt and consequently my tub was quite filthy when I was done and the kids lit incense.

I also finished this scarf last night. It is a present for my Aunt' birthday in Sept. but I wanted to get another Wip off my list.

With this one done all that remains is the minimalist, which I have finished the back of. Then I will be free to knit whatever I want. I have so many projects in my queue I have no idea what to knit first.....hmmm sounds like a good contest idea.

And this is just a little gem I found on ebay. I love this bag, it is perfect for a small knitting project and is made from the recycled woven/embroidered garments of the Mayan women. They even make an actual knitting bag. I love the colors and the beautiful workmanship. (and of course the fact it is orange!)

That brings us to the present. Mother's day is on the horizon and I am eagerly awaiting my new very fast flyer for my Lendrum! I am counting the days til the kids get out of school and summer begins. But for now I am savoring each moment as the school year winds down.
Oh and GO NUGGETS!!!!

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