Friday, February 20, 2009

So much extra time!

Well the one benefit of the economy is increased craft time. I got laid off from my job last week so now I have a bit of free time on my hands. I only worked 10 hours but it still consumed time, if I had a 10am meeting I didn't really have time to do anything in between dropping A off and leaving for the meeting, same deal in the essentially a few hours at the office would take up most my 8-3 time. Any way.....I've been busy trying to put my time to good use. I finally finished the tussah silk I have been spinning since this summer. I must say silk is a joy to spin, I love the way it has such strength and yet seems so delicate. I ended up with 770 yds of lace weight from 4 oz. I am thinking of making a shawl with it, just waiting for the right pattern to pop out at me. A triangle shawl might accent the long color repeats better but rect. shawl is appealing as well. Luckily Christie gave me another escape clause, casting on for this will not be a new project but merely a continuation of the same one. Thanks Christie!
I received a gift card for Joanne's from a friend for Christmas and finally got around to using it this week. I found this sock yarn there that is actually pretty nice, it is 50/25/25 wool, bamboo, nylon blend and was only $4 a skein. (blogger is posting my pics sideways again.)

So if you turn your head you can see I also bought some scrapbooking stuff. I think these will make some lovely cards and am eager to start working on cards and scrapbooks again. Those supplies in my craft room have been quite ignored, yet somehow they have managed to multiply. I also want to use some of my time to get making some more stitch markers and get my business back up and going again, I have kind of ignored it and haven't actively tried to get any new business, so now that I lost my yarn fund, I mean job the extra dough might be nice.

I also bought this at Joanne's. It is super cool and does an awesome job of making i-cord, the only drawback is it doesn't do worsted or heavier weights.

And lastly with my time I have been on another big organizational frenzy. I hit Staples and loaded up on P-touch tape and went hog wild in my closet and craft room. Now all my purses are labeled so I will start using more than just the one I always seem to carry.

And all my boots too. I forgot I had some of them.

And it had been quite a while since the shoes were updated with labels for the newest purchases. No more digging around trying to find the right pair or forgetting about the pair I love but somehow got lost in the masses. Dh drew the line when I went to put the "husband " label on his forehead. Someday me and my p-touch will organize the whole world!!

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