Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feeling Batty

Last week I had to run an errand for dh, one that I am not particularly fond of. I agreed however to do it in exchange for fiber. So while in Boulder, Maddie and I headed to Shuttles to stock up on some top to card. I also bought some undyed Corriedale Cross and BFL to dye in the future. It was quite fun to teach Maddie how to use the carder and I am happy to share the results of our efforts. This first one I call chocolate cherry, it is 80/20 Merino/tencel.

Not sure yet what to call this one. I like it though and think it will spin up into some funky socks. It is 100% Merino.
And here is the Merino that Maddie carded from the top she picked out. I really like this color combo and might just have to go pick up some more for myself. She wants me to spin it up for her in sock weight so she can knit her first pair of socks. I however decided that with two wheels in the house we should have two spinners. So she is now signed up on the wait list for Maggie's beginner spinning class.
And this last one I made a couple weeks ago. I ran out of things to card so I used a roving that I had previously hand painted. It was so similar to the one I dyed for Carys' slippers that I decided to card it so it would be blended and heathery. It is Superfine Merino.
I am also happy to report that I finally finished spinning up the Denim and Diamonds batt. It is 4 oz. 2ply, 510 yards, and approx 24 wpi... it varies since I am not perfect at consistency.
I am thinking of either making the Morning Surf Scarf or the Shetland shawl. I really like knitting shawls and love the look of them, but haven't really worn the other one I made. This second picture captures the colors best.
And just in case you thought I was on the wagon, here is evidence to the contrary. DSW was giving a free tote away with purchase a couple weeks back and I also had a rewards coupon so how could I resist. I love these Franco Sarto peep toe mary-janes. They are exactly what I was looking for. I have already worn them a time or two and they were quite comfortable, except the day it was rainy and my feet swelled.
I just had to share this too. My dear Pablo is quite happy when I break out the sheet to use as a back drop. Something about sheets has my cats entranced. Whenever I change our sheets they are ecstatic, sliding and pouncing across the bed and under the sheets. It is quite amusing although albeit a bit frustrating when your back drop is under attack!

Up next...a bunch of firsts.

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Knitting by the Pond said...

The chocolate cherry colorway is amazing! Looks like a fun day for you two!

Miss your smile! :)