Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yarntopia Follow Up

I finally got the time to knit up some swatches of the yarns from Yarntopia Treasures. The yarn on the far left is bamboo, the center is the wool sock yarn I ordered, and the right is her best selling rayon boucle. I made two swatches of each yarn and tested one of them. The other set I simply got wet and blocked. Here is the first round of soaking in warm water. And this is the water after 30 min. I did a second soak, but I guess I forgot to take a picture after that one. On the first go around it looks like the bamboo bled the most. Cute little Pablo.

After the second soak I gave the test swatches a wash with a spot of dish soap. The bamboo and the rayon were clear but the sock yarn still bled some.
I gave the sock yarn one final soak in warm water and it bled minimally.
The control is on the left and the experiment on the right. This yarn is the one that faded the most, but not a whole lot more than other sock yarns I have bought from other big name manufacturers. It is still very pretty and I will most like purchase sock yarn from Tammy again.
The bamboo, again control on the left, which actually looks a little muddied from when I wet and blocked it. So I imagine that it would clear up if I subjected it to the same process. This one bled a bit at first but ran clear pretty quick. It is still just as vibrant however and has a beautiful sheen. I think I might order some more of this but don't have a clue what to make with it. Any suggestions? It is sock/fingering weight and I could probably get enough for any project so I am open.
Lastly the rayon boucle. This one, while bleeding a bit at the first bath, really looks the most like the original. It is super vibrant and lush, a very beautiful yarn indeed. Not sure what I will do with this one either, time to break out the One Skein Wonder book.
So in conclusion I am happy with the yarns I received from Tammy at Yarntopia. I appreciate her sending me the complimentary bamboo and rayon to test. I hope that my experiment was impartial and informative. I think there has been further clarification that Tammy is NOT MYC and is not affiliated with Danielle. I deleted a comment that sympathised with Danielle on an earlier post because I do not want anyone to think that I in anyway approve of the fraud that Mystical Creations has committed. I find it abhorrent to fake an life threatening illness and to steal from honest people. I hope that this experiment will allow others to have the opportunity to purchase from Tammy and enjoy her beautiful creations.

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J.L. Yarnworks said...

Thanks for helping clear the air about Yarntopia Treasures. Sooo many questions surrounding the whole MCY fiasco. A lot of us are happy to know that Yarntopia Treasures, despite her decision not to change her photography or store style, is totally separate and produces a quality yarn with good customer service. I'm sure she greatly appreciates your review as well!