Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Halloween Blog

Better late than never right?
We had a wonderful Halloween, complete with mucho trick or treating in our new neighborhood, which I must say is full of generous people. Anthony made out with quite the haul.
He went as the green Power Ranger and looked awfully cute, I mean tough.

Big Anthony went as Dog the Bounty Hunter and I could not stop laughing, I do believe that at one point I really was rolling on the floor.
Maddie was the cutest little devil I have ever seen.
She did shop for her costume in my closet and I think I have come to the realization that if the corset fits Maddie I will never fit in it again.

Anthony and myself. I was a candy corn, simply because I have no imagination. I was unable to get a picture of Ian since he left in the morning before I was awake and then refused to put the costume back on for pictures. But I will report that he was quite entertaining dressed in a giant foam penguin suit. It was a very merry Halloween.

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Purple Princess said...

Claudia, I love your new house. It looks huge! How fun to get everything moved in and placed just the way you want it. I hope I can see it soon!