Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Day of School!!!

Can you believe this little guy went to Kindergarten today? I can't, I even dropped him off. He was so excited and eager to say goodbye to us. We kept explaining we were going to walk him in yet he continued to utter his goodbyes. Yes, he was far more ready then we were.
I know I am biased but I do think he was the cutest little Kindergartner there today. I just wanted to kiss that little face all over, but I refrained, knowing that probably wouldn't be cool.
All lined up ready to go in. I counted 3 spiderman backpacks of the 13 kids (1/2 the class started yesterday and half today, tomorrow all 23 will be there) And of course I forgot to put his name on his. Way to go mom.
See, there is he is trying to get rid of us again. Sheesh. We left finally, but were not the last ones to leave so that has to be a good sign. His dad cried quite a bit and even talked about having another one on the way to lunch. I would be totally game if I had a uterus. Anything to avoid my awaiting fate of studying for LSATs. I am not sure what I cried over more, my baby growing up or having to face applying for law school and studying. I did remove the prep book from under the coffee table. I think that is a good amount of effort for today.
Yeah, I think I cried more over my baby growing up. This picture was taken yesterday, I swear. Okay I need to pull it together, it would be embarrassing to pick him up and still be crying.


StarSpry said...

What a cutie :)

I hope he had a great 1st day!

Throws Like A Girl said...

So cute! :)

Betsy said...

It seems like yesterday when I was taking Max to kindergarten and taking photos just like yours. Today he started as an "upper classman". He got up at 6, showered, groomed and put on his new clothes that we bought yesterday. (he only needed me to tag along because I had the money) Then he DROVE himself to school. No pictures, of course. Little Anthony looks so grown up. He's ready for the challenge, I'm sure. You and big Anthony? Not so sure...especially if he's talking about babies :0

Purple Princess said...

Very cute. I remember those days with my kid, I think. Enjoy them now because it is over very quickly. See you soon.

1pink3blues said...

I am right there with you Claudia--Sumaia is still teary eyed on the way to first grade---breaks the heart.