Sunday, June 10, 2007

Knit Knacks is my new home

Have I mentioned that I am in total and complete love with this store? I could wax on poetic regarding my new love interest but the honest truth is that it is before noon on a Sunday and my fingers and brain are having enough trouble with coordination in order to type never mind producing meaningful witty prose. So instead I will just post a bunch of pictures. Arvada Knitters at Knit Knack this past Tuesday.

Leanne is deep in thought, over what remains a mystery. I think Christie is cackling about my thrifty ways.
Beautiful yarn made by Mary Kay and named Sheep in the City after Stacie's blog. Stacie bought them all. I need to hang out with her more, she makes me look sensible in my spending. I did purchase 5 skeins of Mary Kay's yarn which I will post pictures of later. It is luscious.
Leanne taking a picture of me. We are so silly.

The front of Knit Knacks on Sat at the festival in Olde Town Arvada. Geri had a nice little sale going on and I somehow resisted.

Oooh Alpacas! They are getting sheared this week and the owners are bringing the fleece to the Wool Festival in Estes this coming weekend.
Isn't he cute? They had a pet parade and contest and hula boy won my vote. Aww.


Purple Princess said...

Nice pictures! Knit Knack is my new home also. What a great place to hang out.

Terri Lynn said...

I gotta get over there sometime, I hear they have a great selection of sock yarn!