Thursday, June 24, 2010

MIA once again

I haven't disappeared, just been busy. Summer has begun, the kids are home and keeping me occupied and then of course those stupid pesky health issues put a dent in my knitting time as well. I have been able to sneak in some time, mainly at hockey tournaments, to get some knitting done. These are the socks that I made for Anthony's 40th birthday with the yarn I spun a few posts ago. He is pleased with them and has already requested another pair. I knew once I gave him a pair of hand knit socks he would be hooked.
I've been addicted to knitting plain old vanilla socks lately. I use magic loop, toe up with a short row heel. I realized that I care more about having a wide wardrobe of socks more than a few really fancy ones. And certainly I have the stash to provide for this. These socks are so soft and comfortable and fit really well. The more pairs I make the more I've realized that I need to make myself really skinny socks for them to fit right. I'm talking 48-56max stitches on size 0 or 00. I have really skinny feet and I don't like baggy socks.
This is the one sweater I'm working on at this time...well actually it's been a few weeks since I've picked it up but I am eager to get it done, something about the summer....perhaps the 90°+days, keep me from wanting to knit big items, hence all the socks. This is the Berries Cardigan I am knitting out of Wollmeise. It's a bit of an adjustment to do color work with fingering weight, so far the only fair isle I've done was with Philosopher's Wool, but I do like the resulting fabric. I'm making it a bit small as an incentive to lose a bit more weight this summer. So far I'm down 9 lbs and we won't talk about how many yet to go.

These socks are with Noro Kureyon and again is simple toe up with a very easy rib. I'm alternating knitting these with the next pair. I knit one sock and then knit one of the other and then back to the first. Trying to keep it exciting.

So this would be the other pair. I just turned the heel on the second one so they should be done soon. They were supposed to be for Father's Day but I'm a wee bit late. I love this WM color, Spice Shwammerl, I hope I have enough left to make myself a short pair. Although I don't think I'll get the same effect since I will have to decrease the stitch count considerably. But that should make it exciting to see what it works up like.

So that's about all the excitement in my knitting world. I am already starting to think about my goals for next year's knitting. I really want to focus more on designing and would like to do a project from fleece to FO including the dyeing and designing. Once I finish all my UFOs I'm going to start small, perhaps with a pair of color work socks and WM or handspun. For now I'm just enjoying the summer and trying to abstain as much as possible from the WM updates. I'm not very disciplined to Anthony's dismay.