Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall Refresher

Nothing refreshes my spirit like a nice fall getaway. Even better is when it includes knitting, lots of it. Once again I had the pleasure of sneaking away for a couple of days to Buena Vista to knit with friends. As I drove up with Mary Kay we were awed by the colors which were definitely at their peak. These pictures were taken during our return just a few days later and already the colors were on the decline. It was a magnificent drive and a fabulous weekend. I had so much fun spending time with some of my favorite people and I accomplished quite a bit too.
While there I finished my Creamed Spinach scarf.
It seemed to double in length as I blocked it. Overall I am pretty happy with the results and am eagerly awaiting a chill in the air so I may wrap it around my neck.
I also started and finished this delightful hat, finally adding a key knitted piece to my wardrobe. I don't know how I managed to go so long with out knitting myself a hat, but now I see many in my future. The yarn I used was hand spun for me by Amanda as part of the HHHH swap on Ravelry. I have never been gifted hand spun before and I must say a girl could get used to it.
I also started a new project, Fletcher, a Noro pattern using Iro. I can't wait to finish this and wear it all fall long.

Unfortunately this will be happening a little later than I had planned. See all this progress I had made, well it is now frogged. Upon reading the comments re: this project on Ravelry I decided to start over. Everyone was pretty much in unison in their proclamations that this thing is huge. I was knitting a small, getting gauge and my back was measuring 26". My bust is around 38" so that leaves quite bit of ease, 14" to be exact. I figure it was better to cry now and be happy with the results later so I am starting from scratch with a XS. I called Mary Kay and let her in on the sad news as she too is knitting this. So our race (we were jokingly competing to finish) is now back at the starting line.
Oh and where should one put these lovely skeins of Noro while knitting you ask. Why in a matching Atenti bag of course! Isn't this fun and funky! I happily used my Serendipity discount to purchase this bag, I see a lot of use in it's future.
Lastly, here are my weekend's purchase in clockwise order:

Lonesome Stone Mountain Feat in Shades of Plum, Red Rocks Fiber Work's San Diego (a merino/ sea silk blend) in Jenni's choice, RRFW's Steamboat (665 yards of merino silk) in a vibrant green, I am going to make the Fox Island vest out of it, 2 skeins of green Panda Wool for socks, RRFW's Aspen sock yarn in an unnamed amazingly copper colorway, three skeins of Panda Silk in red for another Shapely Shawlette, Lt. green Panda Silk for the Waving Lace Socks (out of the Favorite Socks book I also purchased), and lastly a fabulous skein of Yarn Pirate Superwash BFL in Neptune. So if you don't count the 10 skeins of Noro Iro I think I didn't do to bad this weekend.

Just don't ask my husband's opinion.

Thank God I have a stash enhancement fund, I mean job now!

Monday, October 6, 2008


This past month we have experienced many first in our family. On the 14th Maddie participated in her first figure skating competition down in CO. Springs. We are quite proud of what a wonderful job she did not only preparing for the competition but in carrying out her desires and challenging herself to compete at a higher level. Although she did not place she did very well and showed much poise, grace and skill. I am looking forward to attending more competitions and watching her skills improve as she continues her learning with her coach.
Ian recently received his driver's license and is now driving his very own car. I know it doesn't show in the photo but he is indeed excited. Although he protests this photo greatly and proclaims it lame. He also was hired by the local events center as a food runner, which will come in handy when it comes time to pay his car insurance.
Anthony had the pleasure of attending his first Rockies game in the company of his big brother. Part of the thrill was getting to ride the RTD bus down to the stadium. The boys arrived early and luckily procured a baseball from practice which several of the players autographed for them.
And although it was not a first, Ian enjoyed attending his HS's homecoming game and dance. After the kids all headed to our house for a party, which I am happy to report did include any major incidents.

In other news, I had a lovely time being spoiled in the Yarn Thing swap on Ravelry. My partner, iamnycgirl, was wonderful. She sent me four luscious skeins of pure cashmere, some cute patterns for neck warmers which I think will be lovely with the brilliant red yarn, yummy m&ms, cute shoe gift tags, some cools mixed cds of her favorite music and some Christmas songs as well, a pretty dishcloth she knit, and lastly some hair bands. (an inside joke in the swap)

Previous to receiving my big package she also sent me these awesome books. She has an in with the publisher and really went above and beyond to gift them to me. I am already using the culinary book and Maddie is eager to make the knitted boxers in the Knit Wit book.
Oh and did I mention that she sent my gifts in this awesome shoe bedecked bag? She really did her homework on me! (Look at all the red!!!)
Up next: A lot as I am far behind, including a knitting get-a-way, finally finished objects and new projects. Oh and a bag!!!!